Entropay Poker Guide

Entropay is a payment option for depositing at online poker sites that works by providing players with a virtual, pre-paid Visa card. The virtual card is just the same as a plastic card that you would have in your wallet or purse inasmuch as you get a card number, a CVV and an expiry date. You can even attach a prepaid “real” MasterCard to your account so that you can withdraw your winnings at any ATM.

You will have to fund your Entropay account when it is first created. This means making a bank transfer into the account (which might mean you have to wait a couple of days before you can use the account) or adding funds to the account with an existing debit or credit card. If you would rather not have a plastic prepaid MasterCard to access your funds, you can withdraw from your Entropay account back to your funding source.

Best Entropay Poker Sites

Practically every online poker site accepts Entropay as a deposit option. We have identified the sites below as among the best Entropay poker sites because of the value of their first deposit bonuses and the ease with which the bonuses can be cleared. Please note that only your first deposit will qualify for a poker bonus.

Advantages of Using Entropay to Fund an Online Poker Account

There are many good reasons why you might want to consider Entropay to fund an online poker account. As the Entropay card is a virtual pre-paid card, there are no credit checks conducted to make sure that an applicant is suitable. Nonetheless, your personal details will be protected against fraud or theft with the same level of security that you would have if you had a Visa Gold credit card.

Poker sites absorb the cost of making a deposit using Entropay, and your funds are immediately available to use. This means that within minutes of creating an Entropay account and funding it, you can be making a deposit at a poker site and getting on the tables to play online poker for real money.

As your Entropay poker deposits are limited by the amount you have transferred into your Entropay account, you are also protected a little from spending money that you do not have or can ill-afford to lose. When you win, you can withdraw your winnings using a prepaid MasterCard facility, or you’re your winnings transferred to your bank, debit or credit card.

Disadvantages of Using Entropay to Fund an Online Poker Account

There is only one real disadvantage of using an Entropay card to fund an online poker account as far as we could see, and that is the cost. Although online poker sites absorb the cost of making a deposit with Entropay, you pay for practically everything else.

There is a fee of 4.95% for loading funds into your Entropay account using a debit or credit card, a fee of 1.95% (charged by Entropay) for withdrawing your winnings to your account, and then you pay another £3.00/€4.50/$6.00 for returning your winnings back to your funding source.

If, for example, you were to transfer €100.00 from you credit card to your Entropay account, your Entropay account would only be credited with €95.05 to deposit into a poker account. If you subsequently decided to withdraw the €95.05 back to your Entropay account, you would only receive €93.20 and, by the time that money got returned to your credit card, it would only be €88.70!

Entropay Deposit Q&A

What is the minimum/maximum I can deposit with Entropay?

Most poker sites have a very low minimum limit for Entropay poker deposits – typically $10/€10/£10. The upper limit is generally around $5,000/€5,000/£5,000 – often more than Entropay will allow you to hold in your account!

What about currencies and currency exchange rates?

You can open an Entropay account in US Dollars, Euros or £ Sterling. In fact you can have more than one account at the same time. Sometimes this is a good idea because Entropay will charge to 2% for currency conversions (like most poker sites do) plus only give you the Visa International exchange rate (which, from personal experience, is a rip-off).

If my poker deposit with Entropay is declined, who should I call?

If you experience an issue depositing with Entropay, so you should contact Entropay customer services. Entropay poker deposits are rarely declined because you have already loaded your Entropay account with cleared funds and the origin of any problems (not that I have heard of any) would be either a technical issue or a lack of funds in your account (maybe you forgot to take the charges into account).