Neteller Poker Sites

Neteller is an easy-to-use and secure E-wallet that allows you to move funds around online. Poker deposits with Neteller are quick and easy, and most sites will credit funds transferred to a poker account from a Neteller account immediately and without charge.

In some countries, Neteller offers clients a prepaid MasterCard debit card. This means that once players have transferred their winnings back into their Neteller account, they can withdraw directly using the card – rather than having to wait for days for a bank transfer to be processed.

Best Sites that Accept Neteller Poker Deposits

Every online poker site featured on allows you to make a deposit using Neteller. Most have incredibly low minimum amounts you have to deposit (typically $10.00) and very high maximum limits (usually up to $50,000), meaning that Neteller is a suitable payment method for every type of poker player.

You should bear in mind it is usually only your first Neteller poker deposit that will count towards your welcome bonus. If you want to be eligible for the full amount of the bonus offer, you will have to deposit the maximum qualifying amount in one go. If, for example, you deposit $200 and then top up your account with a further $200, your poker bonus will only be calculated on your initial deposit of $200.

Advantages of Using Neteller to Fund an Online Poker Account

The primary advantage of using Neteller to fund an online poker account is that your deposit is guaranteed to be accepted. There is no chance of Neteller declining your deposit request because of paranoia over it being a gambling transaction, and it is just as quick and easy to move funds out of your poker account as it is to place funds into it.

The second advantage of using Neteller is that it keeps your gambling bankroll separate from your other money. Many other options for making a deposit at an online poker site mean that you have to have to take funds from just one source to fund your online poker action. With a Neteller E-wallet, you can allocate a certain amount towards playing poker, keep some of it on the online poker site and the rest in your online E-wallet.

Finally, the universal acceptance of Neteller means that it is a convenient vehicle to exchange funds from one poker site to another. Let´s say you are playing at PokerSite A, and you see a superb promotion at PokerSite B. You can request a withdrawal from PokerSite A and be playing at PokerSite B in a matter of minutes (depending on the terms and conditions for withdrawing at PokerSite A).

Disadvantages of Using Neteller to Fund an Online Poker Account

Despite Neteller´s incredible versatility and universal acceptance, there are a few issues associated with setting up and funding a Neteller account – for example, setting up a Neteller account and verifying it can be a long-winded process. If you do not verify your account, transaction limits will be applied and you will be ineligible for the pre-paid MasterCard debit card.

The next issue is that Neteller has high charges for funding an account with some deposit options. Bank transfers into a Neteller account from certain banks are generally free (unless your bank charges you), but expect to pay between 1.9% and 4.9% if you fund your account with a credit or debit account, 5% if you fund your Neteller account with Bitcoin, and up to 9.9% if you fund it with a PaySafeCard.

Once your Neteller account is funded, it costs nothing to transfer your funds between poker accounts, but withdrawals to your bank cost €7.50 and there are charges associated with using the prepaid debit card. When you add all the charges and fees together, it can take a slice out of your poker profitability if you are not careful.

Neteller Deposit Q&A

Can I set up a “Quick Deposit Facility” with Neteller?

Any online poker site offering a “Quick Deposit Facility” (or “One Click Deposit Facility”) will allow you to connect it to your Neteller account. You will still need to enter your Secure ID number each time you use the facility.

Are Neteller transactions secure?

Poker deposits with Neteller are just as secure as deposits made with a credit or debit card. All transactions are conducted over an encrypted connection and, if you chose to use a “Quick Deposit Facility”, your account information is also encrypted.

Would you recommend Neteller to a friend?

Absolutely. Despite the charges and fees, we would recommend Neteller to anybody considering their options for making a deposit at an online poker site. It is fast, it is secure and it keeps your poker funds separate from the rest of your money.