PaySafeCard Poker Sites

PaySafeCardPaySafeCard poker deposits have always been a popular way of funding an online poker account since the prepaid voucher option was first introduced in 2000. Deposits into poker accounts with PaySafe have enjoyed a new lease of life since the purchase of the prepaid vouchers went online and the option was introduced in September 2015 to allow withdrawals to PaySafeCard accounts.

Not every online poker operator has embraced the withdrawal option at the time of compiling this guide to PaySafeCard poker sites. However, provided you live in a jurisdiction in which the option to deposit by PaySafe exists, you should have no difficulty in being able to fund your account with this safe, anonymous and immediate payment option.

Best Poker Sites that Accept PaySafeCard Poker Deposits

Subject to your country of residence, every online poker site featured on allows you to fund an online poker account with PaySafeCard. PaySafeCard poker deposits can be made for as little as €10.00, but low upper limits also exist – an important consideration when selecting PaySafe as a deposit option.

You should bear that, on most online poker sites, only your first deposit qualifies for a poker bonus. With many operators imposing a limit of €750.00 on PaySafeCard poker deposits, using PaySafe to fund an online poker account may exclude you from qualifying from the maximum bonus available. It is recommended that you check whether or not your chosen site has a PaySafe deposit limit above the amount you intend to deposit.

The Advantages of Using PaySafe to Fund an Online Poker Account

The most common reason for using PaySafe as a deposit option on poker sites is that it is anonymous. When you visit the online cashier to deposit with PaySafeCard, you are redirected to the payment processor´s website, where you are asked to insert the code printed on the prepaid voucher and its PIN number. There is no need to divulge credit card or bank account details to the online poker site.

Poker deposits with PaySafeCard are immediate. This means that as soon as the transaction is completed, the funds will appear in your poker account. There are no fees attached to purchasing a PaySafeCard or using it to fund an online poker account, however some sites might charge a currency exchange fee if you are funding an account with a prepaid voucher in a different currency from that your account is maintained in.

The Disadvantages of Using PaySafe to Fund an Online Poker Account

Despite it being possible to purchase PaySafeCards online, the primary disadvantage of using PaySafe to fund an online poker account is that it is inconvenient and time-consuming. You either have to set up an online account to buy a PaySafeCard using a credit or debit card, visit a local retailer if you want to pay by cash, or visit an ATM if you want the funds to come directly out of your bank account.

Furthermore, as many online poker operators have not yet introduced a facility to withdrawal funds to a PaySafe account, it may be the case that you have to set up another payment method in order to get your funds out of a poker account. This may involve having to give a poker site more personal details than you are happy with – especially if your only withdrawal option is a bank transfer.

PaySafeCard Deposit Q&A

Where can I buy PaySafeCards online?

Visit and follow the online instructions. Please note that is the only online retailer of PaySafeCards officially allowed to sell the prepaid vouchers online. If you purchase from any other online source, you are taking a risk that the vendor may not be genuine.

Are PaySafeCard transactions secure?

Both the online purchase of PaySafeCards and using them to fund an online poker account are 100% secure. The only risk involved in PaySafeCard poker deposits is if you buy a prepaid voucher from a retailer and lose the slip of paper with the code and PIN number on the way home.

Will I still have to verify my poker account if it is funded by PaySafe?

We always recommend that players verify their ID with an online poker site at the first possible opportunity. Verification adds an extra layer of security to your account and will be necessary before you are able withdraw your winnings – whatever withdrawal method you use.