Skrill Poker Sites

One of the reasons why poker deposits with Skrill are so popular is that in the early-to-mid 2000s – when Skrill was known as Moneybookers – other E-wallets experienced issues with processing gambling transactions or left the market altogether.

Skrill grew to have a customer database of more than 25 million by 2011 (when it was rebranded) and provides a service in over two hundred countries. Although Skrill is not a payment option in some jurisdictions, it is still one of the most versatile poker deposit options.

Best Poker Sites at Which You Can Make Skrill Deposits

Poker deposits with Skrill are accepted at every site featured on, provided that you do not live in a jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal (Turkey, Malaysia, China, etc.). Typically Skrill deposits have very low minimum limits and very high maximum limits, although watch out for much lower withdrawal limits on some sites than you might normally expect via an E-wallet.

You should also be aware that most online poker sites will only regard your first Skrill deposit as being eligible for a poker bonus. Consequently, if you deposit $50.00 to test a site out, decide that you like it and deposit a further $200.00, your poker bonus will only apply to the initial $50.00 you deposited into your poker account with Skrill.

Advantages of Using Skrill to Fund an Online Poker Account

Many online poker sites recommend that you use an E-wallet facility for funding an account because the transaction is guaranteed to be accepted. On its website, Skrill boasts that it is “trusted by the world´s leading brands” and, whereas there is the possibility that your bank will decline a credit or debit card transaction, there is no risk of this happening when you use Skrill.

A further advantage of using Skrill to fund an online poker account is that it keeps your gambling funds separate from the money you may use to pay household bills. This adds a level of personal security against losing your bankroll during a bad session and then topping up your poker account with money you cannot comfortably afford to lose.

As Skrill deposits and withdrawals are instant (subject to a poker site´s withdrawal policy), the versatility of the payment option means that you could withdraw your funds from one poker site when you see a better opportunity somewhere else. Skrill transactions between players and poker sites are free of charge, so it is not going to cost you to take you money out of one poker site and put it in another (except if you withdraw from Party Poker, which currently charges fees on Skrill withdrawals).

Disadvantages of Using Skrill to Fund an Online Poker Account

There are not so many disadvantages of using Skrill to fund an online poker account, but you should be aware of the ones that exist. Mostly they are disadvantages that can be worked around or are simply inconveniences – for example having to verify your ID on Skrill as well as having to verify your ID on your poker site account.

The cost of funding a Skrill account can also be a disadvantage to players who want to set their accounts up instantly. For example, it will cost you 1.9% to fund your Skrill account by Visa or MasterCard; but if you are prepared to wait a couple of days before you access the funds, you can fund a Skrill account for free by bank transfer.

It can also be expensive to operate a Skrill account if you have to use different currencies – for example your bank account is in £ sterling, but you set your poker account up in US dollars. Skrill charges anything from 2.99% to 4.99% for currency conversions, so you could lose a fair bit of your profitability if you do not have your funding source, your Skrill account and your poker account in the same currency.

Skrill Deposit Q&A

Are Skrill transactions secure?

Absolutely. All transactions between a poker site and Skrill are conducted over an encrypted connection. When making your deposit, you will be asked to provide your Secure ID Number as an extra safeguard against fraud or theft.

What is the best way to get money out of a Skrill account?

You can transfer all or part of your Skrill balance into your bank account for a nominal fee, or Skrill also offer the option of a prepaid MasterCard through which you can access your funds via an ATM (costs €1.80 per transaction plus €10.00 per year service fee).

Would you recommend Skrill to a friend?

Without doubt. Skrill provides one of the cheapest ways of funding and maintaining an E-wallet. If, like us, you frequently move money around the Internet, there is no better payment processor to use. Furthermore, Skrill operates a “refer-a-friend” program and if you are equally as impressed with the service as we are, you can get paid to referring friends onto Skrill.