Poker Deposits with Visa

Practically every online poker site will allow you to make a deposit into your account using a Visa-backed credit or debit card. This is because poker deposits with Visa are convenient for the player and cheap to process for the poker site.

Furthermore, there are more Visa-backed cards in circulation than any other type of credit or debit card, and owners of Visa cards typically spend more per transaction than any other cardholder – with the exception of American Express cardholders.

Best Visa Poker Sites

The table below contains a selection of online poker sites that will allow you to make poker deposits with Visa. Most of them have very low deposit limits for Visa ($10/€10/£10) but it is worth remembering that your first deposit is the one that will count for the value of your first deposit bonus. Therefore, if you deposit $20 to try the site out, and then top up your account with $80, your poker bonus will be based on your initial $20 deposit.

Advantages of Using Visa to Fund an Online Poker Account

There are several advantages of using Visa to fund an online poker account. It is convenient, it is easy and it is secure. Making a poker deposit with Visa is a simple as making any online purchase – you just tap in your credit card number, expiry date, CVV, and the amount you want to deposit, and the funds are credited almost instantly to your account.

Most online poker sites also allow you to set up a “Quick Deposit Facility” with Visa-backed credit and debit cards. This means that you only have to enter your card details once and they are saved for future use. The Quick Deposit Facility is a super-convenient way of making a subsequent deposit into your account without having to dig out your card and re-enter all the details.

As your card information is saved in encrypted format, and all transactions are conducted over a secure connection, there is little risk of your financial information being intercepted and used illegally. Should this ever happen, the issuer of your Visa-backed credit or debit card has systems in place to prevent fraud, and you will be able to recover any funds taken from your card without your authorization.

Disadvantages of Using Visa to Fund an Online Poker Account

As well as the advantages of using Visa to fund an online poker account, there are also some disadvantages. These usually depend on the nature of the individual poker player, who may be tempted to use the Quick Deposit Facility too frequently after a series of losing sessions and blow their bankroll quickly.

It is always a good idea to keep your poker funds separate from your general fund to help you monitor the amount of money you are winning/losing when you play online poker, and this is another disadvantage of using Visa to fund an online poker account. Most people only have one Visa card, so the money they are using to fund their poker account comes out of their general fund.

Finally, although online poker sites are keen to accept Visa deposits, not every card issuer is equally as keen to process gambling transactions. We have heard of some players having their deposits refused simply because their card issuer is paranoid about handling gambling transactions. If this happens to you, you will need to look at alternative options for making a deposit at an online poker site.

Visa Deposit Q&A

Are there any fees attached to poker deposits with Visa?

There should not be any fees attached to making a deposit or a withdrawal with a Visa-backed card. The only time you will incur a charge is if your card issuer regards your deposit as a “cash advance”. If this happens, look at alternative options for making a deposit at an online poker site to save yourself money.

What is the minimum/maximum I can deposit into my account with a Visa card?

As mentioned above, most poker sites have a very low minimum limit for Visa ($10/€10/£10) and a very high maximum – typically around 100,000 units of currency. Make sure you maintain your poker account in the same currency as your Visa card whenever possible to avoid foreign exchange charges.

If my poker deposit with Visa is declined, should I call my bank?

Your first option should be to give the poker site´s customer service department a call. Most customer service reps have widespread experience of helping players with their Visa deposits, and they will also know more about the alternatives for funding an online poker account than your bank will!