Mobile Poker Sites

The popularity of real money poker apps has taken online poker to a new dimension. Now you can play online poker on a mobile device at any time from any location – often with the full choice of games and features that you would find on a desktop client.

I understand that many “old school” players prefer to play poker on a big screen. Like me, they set aside specific hours to playing online poker on a desktop client that is familiar and in an environment where there are likely to be few distractions.

However, for the purposes of reviewing the mobile options that are available to players, I spent a considerable amount of time testing out the real money poker apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phone. I found that there were significant advantages to playing online poker on a mobile device, and this page explains what some of them were.

Getting Started

Downloading software onto mobile devices is really easy – and many of the best poker sites provide a number of options for accessing their mobile apps. It only takes a couple of minutes for each poker app to download and install, although I would recommend not filling up your phone or tablet with too many at one go because of the amount of space they consume.

As I already have accounts with each of the sites whose apps I was testing out, I simply logged into my account when starting the app. With the exception of 888Poker you can create new accounts on mobile apps, but I would suggest if you are a new player you do this from a desktop computer to avoid potential errors.

Other things that I found useful were that I could use the banking facilities to fund my account or withdraw my winnings, and access my account details to monitor poker bonuses and my progress in poker promotions. Generally I found that downloading and using the software was much simpler than I had expected.

Ease of Play

Most real money poker apps for playing poker on a mobile device are incredibly easy to navigate. Most have filters that you can use to select your preferred cash game and stake range, Sit & Go game or multitable tournament. Most also have the option to play fast-fold poker – although some poker sites require that you download a separate app to play this version of the game.

Some important features that were missing from many of the apps included the ability to make notes on your opponents and review hand histories. It is also impossible to use third-party software alongside real money poker apps; so you may be at a disadvantage against players who are playing from a desktop computer and using HUDs.

Overall I believe that the controls for playing poker for real money on a mobile device will come naturally to most mobile phone or tablet owners. Most real money poker apps have easy-to-control bet sliders and big buttons to avoid misclicks, and excellent graphics to enhance your playing experience.

A Few of the Advantages

What I really liked about playing online poker on a mobile device is that you can start a multitable tournament on your desktop and then finish it off on your mobile (or vice versa). This is something that was not available several years ago, and it is a real bonus for somebody like me who previously missed out on some of my preferred tournaments because of the scheduling.

Another of the major advantages of playing online poker on a mobile device is that it enables you to collect player points towards a bonus or promotional challenge at a time when you otherwise would be unable to do so. This means that clearing poker bonuses is less of a grind and you can achieve greater rewards in VIP programs and poker site promotions.

Finally, playing poker on a mobile app is just so convenient. If you have a long commute from work or are stuck in an airport departure lounge, a few dozen hands of Texas Hold´em is a great way to pass the time and potentially earn some money when you would otherwise be sitting down and waiting for the time to pass. Naturally, I do not recommend this if you are driving home from work!

Real Money Poker Apps for Mobile Devices – My Conclusion

My experience of playing online poker on a mobile device was exceptionally positive. Provided that you do not try to play online poker in an environment in which you will be easily distracted, there are multiple advantages to loading up your mobile device with real money poker apps and playing to your heart´s content.

My one piece of advice for players who are trying real money poker apps for the first time is to download the software onto your phone or tablet at home and get used to the navigation and controls in your normal poker environment. That way you will be more familiar with the software when you go out into the world to play online poker on a mobile device.