iPad Poker Sites

There are significant advantages to playing online poker on an iPad as opposed to an iPhone or Android phone. A bigger screen, a faster processor and better graphics are the most often cited reasons why playing online poker on an iPad is preferred to smaller mobile devices.

Although you cannot play online poker through a browser on an iPad (because Apple devices do not support Flash), there are plenty of apps available that you can download from the iTunes store that will give you excellent access to the games offered by many poker sites.

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you can usually log straight into your account with your existing login details and start playing. Many apps also allow you to create an online account and fund it through the iPad app – a handy option if you want to check out a new site or add funds to your existing account.

Playing Poker for Real Money on an iPad

Navigating poker apps for iPads is child´s play (so get a child to help you if you get stuck). Seriously, the developers of the apps for playing poker for real money on an iPhone could not have made navigation any easier. The game controls are also well designed, with a useful slider bar option to control your bet sizes.

Picking between cash games, Sit & Go games and multi table tournaments is also a breeze; although some poker apps for iPads do not offer the full range of poker formats. You may find that you are limited to NL Texas Hold´em and Pot Limit Omaha, or that you have to download a separate app to play fast-fold poker.

Because of the significant differences between playing online poker on an iPad and playing on a desktop computer, I would suggest downloading the poker apps for iPads in the relative peace of your home. Then become familiar with the navigation and controls before attempting to play poker for real money on an iPad while on the move.

The Pros and Cons of iPad Poker Apps

Playing poker for real money on an iPad has its good points and its not so good points. Definitely one of the biggest advantages is that you can play poker at anytime from anywhere you can get a good Wi-Fi signal. However, not all poker apps for iPads have the same functionality and variety of games that you would get on a desktop poker client.

Many of the important features still exist on poker apps for iPads. As mentioned above, you can deposit and withdraw funds. You can also participate in promotions and monitor the progress of bonuses you may be in the process of clearing. There is the opportunity to multitable up to four games at a time, chat with other players and contact customer support via live chat if necessary.

What you cannot do is make notes about other players´ betting tendencies, use HUDs or other third party software to improve your game, or review hands on an instant hand replayer. There is also the potential issue of distractions, or getting so involved in a game that you miss your stop on the train and get home much later than anticipated (as I know from experience!).

Real Money Poker Apps for iPad – My Conclusion

My previous experience of playing online poker on a largish mobile device was playing browser-based poker on a laptop. This is much better. Although you have to forgo some of the functionality of a desktop client, the freedom that you get playing online poker on an iPad is incredible.

Watch out for installing too many poker apps for iPads at the same time. They tend to consume a fair amount of space. I would also warn against playing poker for real money on an iPad until you have played a couple of games for play money – certainly if, like me, you can get easily distracted by events going on around you.