Party Poker Hosting New Gladiator Promotion

Posted on by John Muller

Be a Gladiator at Party PokerParty Poker is giving players who like the challenge of a grind something to aim for over the next few weeks by bringing back the popular Gladiator promotion.

If you are a player who likes a daily dose of poker action, Party Poker´s Gladiator promotion will be perfect for you. The recently started promotion runs for twenty consecutive days, during which players should log into their accounts every day and try to earn a minimum number of Party Points in order to qualify for a prize.

Those who achieve their goals will be awarded their prizes automatically. There are no All-In Shootouts to play, leaderboard points to earn or clearing requirements for the cash prizes. The Party Points you earn are yours to keep and can help to improve your status in the site´s loyalty program, or used towards clearing the Party Poker bonus.

How to be a Gladiator at Party Poker

In order to participate in the Gladiator promotion, you first have to opt in to the promotion via the Party Poker client. Then you simply earn Party Points by contributing to the rake deducted from cash games (any cash games – even heads-up is included in this promotion) or by paying a fee to enter a Sit & Go game or multitable tournament.

The more days up to Saturday May 6th you play and the more Party Points you earn, the more valuable your prize will be. The minimum requirement for a prize in the promotion is that you earn at least one Party Point on five separate days, and then remember to log back into your Party Poker account on Sunday May 7th to claim your prize.

Win Up To $2,500 in the Gladiator Promotion

The top $2,500 cash prize in the Gladiator promotion will be awarded to any player who earns 225 Party Points on each of the twenty days of the promotion. If you missed the start of the promotion, or failed to earn 225 Party Points each day this week, there are plenty more prizes to aim at. Late starters can still collect $1,700 for earning 225 Party Points on each of fifteen different days, while players earning 20 points a day could still be in line for a $30 cash prize. The full list of prizes is as follows:
The Prizes You Can Win in The Gladiator

A Few Terms and Conditions to Bear in Mind

Party Poker´s Gladiator promotion is very straightforward and a promotion that every player should benefit from. However, for players unfamiliar with the site´s promotions, there are a few Ts and Cs you should consider. First of all, Party Poker´s day runs from 00:00 ET to 23:59 ET. Therefore, if you live in the UK, the points you earn between 5:00 BST and 4:59 BST the following day count towards your Gladiator prize. If you live in mainland Europe, your day (CEST) starts an hour later.

Players can only win one prize on a “highest value” basis. So, if you were to earn 50 Party Points on ten days and 20 Party Points on another five days, you would only qualify for the $32.00 cash prize. Cash prizes take precedence over freeroll entries and, if you win a ticket to a freeroll tournament, you have to manually register for these events on Saturday 13th May:

  • $250 freeroll at 16:00 BST/17:00 CEST
  • $500 freeroll at 17:00 BST/18:00 CEST
  • $750 freeroll at 18:00 BST/19:00 CEST
  • $1,000 freeroll at 16:00 BST/17:00 CEST
  • $1,500 freeroll at 16:00 BST/17:00 CEST
  • $2,500 freeroll at 17:00 BST/18:00 CEST
  • $3,500 freeroll at 18:00 BST/19:00 CEST

That´s just about it. Remember to opt into the promotion before you start earning Party Points on your next visit to the site, and to log into your account on Sunday May 7th to claim your prize. Having witnessed the effect of this promotion when it has been run before, we are pretty certain it will drive more traffic to the cash game tables, and fill up the satellites for the forthcoming PowerFest series (starts May 7th). We will certainly be playing at Party Poker over the next couple of weeks. Will you?