Party Poker´s Million League Challenge Starts Monday

Posted on by John Muller

Party Poker´s Million League Challenge There are only a few days remaining for players to find some buddies, form a team and register the team for Party Poker´s Million League Challenge.

Next Monday (30th January), Party Poker[/geolink will be launching its latest promotion geared towards qualifying as many players as possible for the $6 million guaranteed Party Poker Millions in April – the Millions League Challenge.

The promotion invites players to form into teams of up to four players and compete against other teams to win Phase 1 and Day 1 entry tickets. With seats worth more than $50,000 up for grabs – and plenty of cash prizes as well – this promotion is sure to be popular.

How the Promotion Works

From Monday, Party Poker is hosting a series of “Daily League Games”. These tournaments have a $5.50 buy-in of which half goes towards the cash prize for each tournament, and the other half helps build the prize pool for a Grand Final to be played on Sunday 26th March.

As well as cash prizes in each tournament, players can win Chip Points. The Chip Points are significant because they add up over the seven weeks prior to the Grand Final and will be used to calculate each player´s starting stack. How chip stacks are calculated is a little complex:

  • Each player within a team can only count their best four Chip Point scores within a week. There are fourteen “Daily League Games” each week during the first six weeks of the promotion, and twenty-one games during the final week – when double Chip Points will be awarded.
  • If Player A wins 1,000 Chip Points in four tournaments and 1,500 Chip Points in another two tournaments, his or her “qualifying” total for the week is 5,000 Chip Points, even though they have won 7,000 Chip Points over the six tournaments they have played in.
  • Player A´s qualifying total is added to the qualifying totals achieved by other members of the team and then divided by the number of members in the team. So, if there were four members in a team, and the combined qualifying totals amounted to 16,000 Chip Points, each player would have 4,000 chips added to their starting stacks for the Grand Final.

The Advantages of Playing in a Team

Although teams of fewer than four players can take part in the promotion – as indeed can individual players – there are advantages to having a team with the maximum size possible. The more players in a team, the more chance that one can go on a hot streak through the weeks leading up to the Grand Final and boost the whole team´s starting chip stack in the Grand Final.

Prizes of Phase 1 Millions seats are available to the “Team of the Week” and, of course, if one of the team members wins the Grand Finale, the other three players who helped contribute to his or her starting stack also win Day 1 seats in the Party Poker Millions. The same applies if any team member finishes second, third or fourth in the Grand Final – each team member will win Phase 1 Millions seats.

Get Your Millions Team Registered Today

The Party Poker Millions League Challenge will not only be competitive, it promises to be whole load of fun. To give your team the best chance of reaching the Grand Final with the biggest chip stack, get your team organised and registered today so it is ready to start playing in the first of the Daily League Games on Monday.

If you do not yet have an account at Party Poker, don´t forget to create and fund your account using the Party Poker bonus code “PSITECO”. This bonus code will entitle you and other team members creating a new account to a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $500 – a bonus that can be cleared as you and your teammates strive for glory in the Party Poker Millions League Challenge